I am currently a visiting research fellow at the University of Durham. I recently handed in my PhD at the University of Sussex, supervised by Professors Andy Clark and Sarah Sawyer, and funded by CHASE.

In my thesis, I primarily considered the questions of why we have the concepts mind and mental, what they refer to, and whether or not we should keep them. I argue that using them does more harm than good, and that we should abandon them, in favour of more fine-grained concepts better suited to the phenomena under discussion.

My work is primarily concerned with topics in the philosophy of mind, psychiatry, psychology, and cognitive science. My methodology draws on a mix of ‘practical turn’ philosophy of science and ‘linguistic turn’ analytic philosophy. However, as relevant, I make regular forays into the history of these disciplines, animal ethics, metaphysics, philosophy of language, feminist philosophy, and occasionally the history of philosophy.

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